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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Gimme My $$ Back!!!

Why are we wasting Congressional time investigating steroid use by baseball players? Who cares? Professional athletes are entertainers, nothing more. And if Congress wants to investigate entertainer’s use of steroids, I think we should look at ALL the entertainers out there. I don’t see any Congressional committee investigating NASCAR drivers, they are entertainers. What about pro wrestlers? I don’t see my local Senator breathing down their necks. (And they even call themselves entertainers!) What about basketball players? Soccer players? Ballerinas? What about the acrobats in Cirque du Soleil? Surely THEY are entertainers! Why not investigate them?

Professional athletes are entertainers. They don’t set national policy. They don’t police my streets. They don’t put out fires or provide medical care. They don’t teach children reading and writing. They put on a show, that’s it. They are adults and if they want to inject themselves with banned substances, so what? How are they different from heroin users? Or alcoholics? Or people who smoke? All of that is bad, but Congress isn’t investigating those people.

Quit wasting my hard-earned tax dollars on pointless steroid investigations. What are you going to do, send users to jail? HAHA! Spend my tax dollars on something substantial. I know, how about health care reform?


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