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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I am (or by the time you read this ‘was’) ridin’ down that highway while Chuck drives… connected to the internet. I am continually amazed by technology. I know the kiddies have been doing this for years, but for me, it’s still a novelty. We are on the way to Mpls to drop off #1 daughters stuph. The truck is loaded… well, mostly loaded. There are still considerable air holes in the way back. Jayne and I could pack another hundred pounds in here. Or pretty close to it… Went out and got me a hitch thingie for the receiver and have the bike rack mounted and her bike with us.

Speaking of which…. I haven’t ridden my bike all summer. My butt is constantly whining about the positions in which I sit and the bike seat is particularly onerous. I barely go 5 miles and all I can think of is ‘HOW MUCH LONGER???’ So the talk of recumbents has been going around for the last year or so… we finally took me out to a bike shop last Saturday and I rode 3… 2 two-wheelers and a trike. One bike with crank down (pedals below hip level) and one with crank up (pedals at or above hip/seat level.) Much fun!! One long wheel base – virtually no learning curve, just like riding a regular bike. The crank up version is a bit more difficult.. but it had a short wheel base and I did okay… didn’t dump myself onto the ground! YIPPEE for me… I’ll take the little victories. And then I rode the trike.

I.Rode.The.Trike. And not just any trike. An ICE trike. High end. Folding, Spiffy. Really spiffy. And fun… really really fun. I may turn into a trike girl. Did you know they come with parking brakes? PARKING BRAKES!!! for heavens sake… Just like a kickstand but SOOOOO much better… I think I have been spoiled by riding this one first. oops…. just like a really good pair of shoes…

Anyway, where was I? Hiking finished a week ago today… seems longer than that. Amazing what normal daily stuff will do to you. Sucks your brain out. Daughter #1 left last Friday for the UofM. She is part of Welcome Week for the freshman this year. Scary. Planning on telling them how not to get caught doing all those things it says not to do in the instructions. Had planned on cleaning (and cleaning and cleaning) the house on Saturday, but Chuck had mapped out a somewhat questionable bike route and was going to go drive it and that’s how the house ended up still dirty and I fell in love with a trike. I haven’t had a trike since the red one I got when I was little little. My x-seam is 44. What’s yours?

We did okay hiking on Sunday… drove out to IL canyon and walked the 3 out there… hopped in the car and found ‘facilities’ if ya know what I mean, hiked some more until Kat’s blood sugar dropped, drove back, ate lunch and walked some more…. My feet finally gave out and I nixed a walk down to the ranger station. Lover’s Leap was enough.

AACCHH….. I am getting to hate cars and trucks. We are 3 hours into this trip and my butt has given out.

I just saw an indoor ferris wheel….


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