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Saturday, August 20, 2011

The More of Later...

Umbrellas have been fetched. Rain is falling. Thunder is booming. Lightning is lightning. Sidebar: Why is lightning one of the hardest words to spell? I struggle with it every time I write it. Time to watch the flotsom and jetsom of visitors here in the front lobby. Am thinking I should move to the Great Room.. higher volume... and no doubt a Bride-zilla somewhere. hee hee hee They are fun to watch. no visitors as exciting so far as the Dru look-alike. Just the usual kids, grandparents and harried parents. I am sitting next to the birdcage in the lobby and there was a middle-school age girl talking to the birds. Very cute. The birds have been chittering all morning.

Since the rain is upon us... am thinking a field trip to Farm and Fleet is in order... if and when the rest of the gang gets out of bed. I just peeked into K&K's room and all was dead on the western front... unusual. Both of them are early risers. Am wondering how Kat is doing under the constant stress of Sean. Yesterday she said she so wanted to be here because it was somewhere with no confrontations. And life with Sean is a constant confrontation. I cannot imagine how hard it is to live with a special needs child. I am glad I don't have to face that. I am glad she can be here with us. Kay is living with the daily upheaval of corporate restructuring. Her position is going away but really don't know when and really don't have a good description of what she is going to do next. She hates to live with uncertainty. She dreads the thought of 2 hours of communting a day. We think she needs to apply for the financial director position at Lincoln Park Zoo. It would be just the change she needs.

I got a hit from a head hunter the other day. Am thinking I can send in my resume and see what shakes out. Barb encouraged me to apply. Always good to keep up with the interview skills. She is correct.

Think I will go wander the internet.... or maybe a trail... the rain looks to be dying off.


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