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Sunday, May 27, 2007

More painting

Waiting for paint to dry... sooooo fun........ sooooo fuuuuuunnnn..... zzzzzz

Weekends 'r us...

And a fine Memorial Day weekend to ya'll!

Such a lot of time has passed..... let's see... work is going well... the 10th-13th was taken up by my bestest friends wedding... what a hoot that was... more later.... last weekend Chuck and I took an impromptu trip to Dayton OH for HamFest... or geek fest as a number of friends and family members have called it.... this weekend is at Kay's house for bathroom remodeling and spray painting the truck... all in all, not a bad month.... but... time to spray the truck more.... later...

Thursday, May 03, 2007


Whadda'ya mean it's been a month since I wrote last?? Couldin'na been.... could it?

Sheesh... I didn't realize it had been so long.... amazing how real life gets in the way of funner thingies, isn't it?

Like today at work.... one of the girlz and I were busy comparing pics of my maternal uncle and his oldest offspring... looking for similarities.... good news! Meg says my uncle is a handsome man!

Other busy work has involved working afternoon shift for the better part of March and early April for the release of a new computer program at work... it's up and running... and breaking... and running... and breaking.... am glad I am not on that treadmill!!

Am now involved in 2 projects at work.... helping the OB department get computerized documentation... and introducing Project Management Methodology to my very own IT department.... Have I told you lately how much I love love love my new job??? I got excellent reviews on my OB proposal today from my mentor (novel concept, having a mentor... didn't have that or anything resembling it at the old job)... she liked that it was vendor-neutral (an intentional move by me... I don't think the 'party's' brand is going to fit the needs of the department.... I want to look closely at another vendor....) and she forwarded it to our director for review!!!! YIPPEE!!!!!!

My sidekick, TPT, is, as usual, sitting around doing nothing... today she called in sick... the boss and #2 co-worker are both off next week so the 2 of us that are left are taking bets on how many days she is late, starts the day at the hospital and fails to punch in, or just doesn't show up because she is "sick" (i.e.-I stayed out too late playing darts last night and drank too much beer). (Yes, I will be going to hell for those remarks... but, I will be in the company of the people I really really like... hee hee hee...Or, I can take a page from bestest boyfriends book... he doesn't believe in anything.... once you die, you are dead.)

Speaking of... BB is here to whisk me away for dinner... tata....