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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Eve crash kills man

Mom's cousin, Bernie, died yesterday. Death of a relative is not an unusual event, except in this case. Bernie is only the second relative I remember that did not die of old age and/or disease. I wonder what the odds are... of one's family members dying of disease/old age vs trauma? Guess it would depend on the size of the family (ours is small), and the relative riskiness of the family members pursuits.

It's weird how things go. We (Mom, Dad, me, sis) are all at my sister's house for Christmas and we got a Christmas card from Bernie yesterday (Christmas Eve). He told us about his current gig, driving a mail truck over mountains in Wyoming. He included a couple of phone numbers, which Mom promptly called to leave a wacky Merry Christmas message. I think Bernie was already dead when she dialed.

I wonder if anyone was around to hear the phone ring when Mom called? Wonder if Bernie was still at the scene... wonder if the medics heard it and tried to find it. Or did he leave the phone at home?

We always comment on that in the emergency department after someone has died. We are busy cleaning up the patient and the phone goes off. Some days you want to answer it. Other days you don't. Mostly we just let it ring. It's a wonder we weren't tempted to do really rotten things. We did use them to find numbers for the families. Or friends. Calling the operator to find out where an area code is located. It's always so hard, long distance.

Georgine is the only other person in the family that I can recall dying in a crash. But that was back in 1968 or so. Not bad I suppose. May it be another 39 years before someone dies a traumatic death in our little family.

It's been a long time since our holidays were saddened by a death. I know we are not the only ones and I wish for everyone only good memories of the one gone.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

How much is that suitcase in the window?

He's home, I am relaxed.

His suitcase is another story. It made it from Milan to Frankfurt, got scanned in Frankfurt, got on the plane in Frankfurt and then 8 minutes later was taken off the plane and hasn't been seen since. (Ain't barcodes great??) I think it went to Bora Bora for the winter. His co-worker has even less of an idea where his bag is.... according to records.. they don't show it on the plane from Milan to anywhere.... poor bag!

I am thinking a trip to the Unclaimed Baggage Center might be in order one of these days (although I doubt they get luggage from Europe).

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Long distance Love?

(sigh) Here I was all ready to go on an OCD rant tonight about not hearing from the bestest boyfriend in over 24 hours and when I got home from work there were 3 emails in the box. (dreamy smile) Is he a honey, or what? It is weird how anxious I am about this trip... must have something to do with the cell phone not working over there, no easy means to retrieve him and OH-MY-GOD-WHAT-HAPPENS-IF-HE-IS-IN-A-LITTLE-12-SEATER-AIRPLANE-THAT-CRASHES... and the local Czech, Gypsy, Italian, Polske, whoever FAA doesn't think the world will miss the 10 people who were on that tiny-little-plane-that-had-an-oops-into-the-side-of-the-mountain and I'm pretty sure he forgot to put my phone number and ICE stuff in his wallet (like I asked him to do a thousand times before he left) and I will never know what happened and no one will know where to send his remains (if there are any) and if I don't know he is dead, how will I ever manage to




before probate court catches up with his stuff?

I love him dearly. Can't you tell??

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Pod People

Tree 2007 It's that time of year again... and the snow is falling for the second time in a week. The first time was last Saturday as Chuck sat on a plane (in first class, no less) waiting to take off for Prague, Czech Republic. According to the flight tracker I was glued to (well, glued to after I got home from shopping at the convention center-sized craft show) he took off only 45 minutes late. Once I got the tracker going (thank you Spike O'Dell for getting me hooked on that!!), I was off and researching what first class looked like. I hope he took pictures. They will beat my Business-Class-goes-Economy seats from the cruise...Foots and stuph I was fascinated by not being able to touch the seat in front of me... But now that I've seen this..... First Class Pod 2I'll be looking for Mr. Chuck to buy my airline tickets.... Hmmmm, I upgraded us to a cruise cabin with a balcony, I think he can spring for pod seats on our next trip... hee hee hee Then again... if we go podding, we can't sit next to each other... and I really do enjoy that... maybe just a nice wide Business class seat again...

It is very strange with Chuck gone... usually when I am apart from him I am with family and the whole environment is busy/crazy/noisy. But I am home alone and it is QUIET. Nice change from work and the hustle in the stores. I am taking advantage of his trip and getting some Christmas shopping done. A little tonight and some more on Thursday, mixed with a little on-line stuph and I should be good to go. Maybe. ;-)

But it's almost 9 and I am just finishing dinner (did I mention that I lose weight when he is gone? That's the only thing I like about him leaving) and there is still a lot to do tonight.

Take care all and bundle up (or semi-roast to death if you are down south!)