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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Lazy Sunday Observation

One should not allow the cat to sit under the table while one is sanding.....

Another sad story

Maybe, before we crucify Bobby Cutts, Jr, we should take a minute to wait for the coroner's report. There is a chance... remote, I'll give you, but a chance Jesse Davis died of natural causes. Pregnant ladies are prone to blood clots. Sometimes the blood clots move. Sometimes the blood clots kill.

No, I'm not defending him. Yes, I believe he was involved. But he's not guilty yet.

Coffee Table Art

I think my head will look good... sitting there on the coffee table.... I'll put a little plastic plant tray under it to catch the drips... but if this headache doesn't go away I will be using the new circular saw to cut my head off until it straightens up and flies right. I haven't had one this bad in years... It started when the temps got above 80 and has greeted me every morning since then... sheesh... time to move to Hudson Bay.

Ahh, but enough whining.... today is the day for power tools.... after I get back from the vet and oil change I will annoy the neighbors... hee hee hee. I love power tools.

The Daily Visual

Trash bags committing suicide from the 11th floor garbage chute.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The life of a loser....

Hmm.. amazing what happens when you follow the fluffy peoples food plan (FFPF). Down 4.6 pounds this week. Am spending the occasional extra point on little squares of dark dark chocolate at bedtime and had a 1 point fudge bar somewhere over the weekend... But am doing well... over 16 pounds to date. Am approaching my 10% goal of 18 pounds but don't know if that is a realistic goal. Guess I'll spend the next few weeks practicing.

Think I'll celebrate with a Blizzard from Dairy Queen... heh heh heh

Just kidding.... I think.....

Anata no koto wo kangaeteiru cdm

Monday, June 18, 2007

TiVo food

Did you know corn syrup was the main ingredient in Red Vines? Big surprise there. I love the Food Channel. I especially love the Food Network on TiVo!!!!!!!!! I can watch and watch and watch my favorite shows WHEN I WANNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am in heaven. [sigh]

And I bought another power tool last weekend. I am 'really' in heaven!!! I was supposed to be using a gift certificate to purchase a piece of stained glass art I found in downtown Chicago in April. Well, wouldn't ya know it, by the time I got down there last Sat, the piece was gone and none of the others tripped my trigger, so I took myself back to town to run errands... and one of the errands involved buying a 1x4"x6' board and getting the guy at the store to cut it up for me (my other choice was a hand saw at home-ugh- not outside at 90+ degrees!). And while I stood there waiting for the cut man... I thought.... what if I spent the gift certificate on a TOOL??? a POWER TOOL???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I nearly wet myself as I motored to the next store where they had the brands I wanted to drool over. I now own a Ryobi 18volt 5.5 inch trim saw and 2 batteries. I am in love!

Amazing how little it takes to make me happy, huh?

TaTa for now... time to go read 'The Family Handyman' and 'ShopNotes'.

Anata no koto wo kangaeteiru, cdm.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Diarrhea of the fingertips and other tales...

Hmm.. with the frequency of my posts, one would almost think that the luster of a public diary has worn off. One might be right. It seems as tho real life is bogging down the whole blogging process(bogging the blogging, bogging the blogging, bogging the blogging... you try it!)... By the time you get home from work, put things away, change, do dinner and clean up or do dinner and come home, the evening is almost gone and there is just enough time to brush your teeth and drop into bed. It might'nt be so bad if dropping into bed yielded something besides tossing and turning, waking (tho thankfully not always to pee!), dropping off, covers on, covers off, too hot, too cold, arm asleep, etc., but that's not the case either. (I before E except after C... wonder where either comes in?) I feel cheated that bedtime should be 9 or 9:30 every night if I am to wake refreshed at 5:30... which isn't happening (see above). My (semi-half-assed) professional website for trauma nurses is way behind, this blog is almost deserted (desserted would be better, wonder how long it would take to drive to Dairy Queen? I hear the key lime blizzards are to-die-for!). And it's not deserted for lack of ideas.. those come in fairly regular spurts... It seems to be lack of oomph, energy, motivation, too much to do... which could be true... most weekends the last couple months have been on the road. Back and forth to Iowa for bestest friends wedding prep and the event itself, up to MI to remodel a bathroom over Memorial Day weekend, another wedding this last weekend... by the time Monday arrives, all I want to do is sleep. Today is no exception... except that it's Tuesday and I actually got my fluffy butt into a bathing suit and went to the pool. 30 minutes of constant movement of some kind... 20 min of laps (did you know you can swim in circles in the deep end if no one else is there?), 10 of bicycling underwater at various speeds. Now have chlorine eyes... but maybe, if I keep this up, my hair will get blonder.. or at least, green. Speaking of fluffy butt, I am still going to the fluffy people meetings (rah, rah, gag). Made it to 16 weeks, which is their milestone for 'changing your lifestyle behavior' or some such. Ha! They haven't seen my version of the core diet. I gave up on the counting points thing. Too restricting, not enough fruit. Switched to core and am having lots of fun.. going to Chili's and eating chips and salsa... (hey, the salsa is core!), Steak n' Shake for burgers and a low-fat yogurt shake, Portillo's for baked spaghetti... okay, I suck at the core plan too.. which is why my weight has remained steady for the last 2 months or so... but not all bad... I am staying here without exercise (my goal!) and my clothes fit. Yeah, yeah, if I move the fluffy parts a little more I might lose a little more, but, like the fluffy people say... I have to think about a lifetime commitment.. what can I reasonably expect myself to do? I hate exercise. Unless I am paying someone an exorbitant fee to someone who will personally torture me with weights and lunges (and sometimes, not even then!), I won't exercise willingly. I am sporadic. I am thinking that it would be better if I had an exercise buddy, but I am too lazy to find one and Mr. Boyfriend and I exercise at different times of the day. (whine whine who's got the cheese?) But, a bad day on the fluffy person plan is better than a good day off the plan, so there. Hmmm... maybe a little exercise would pep me up a little. Now, there's a thought. Comes right after the I-hate-exercise thought. (sigh) Diarrhea of the fingertips. Isn't it grand? What do they call this? Stream-of-consciousness-s-s-s-s thoughts? Rambling? But I haven't done it in a while, so it's okay. Right? (pause for big deep breath)

Nice paws. My teeth are rotting and falling out of my head. Or at least one of them is. I missed a dental appointment last August when I changed jobs (too cheepcheap to pay out-of-pocket) and now I am going to get to pay even MORE! There is a cavity in my incisor that extends down below the bone and the dentist won't touch it. I got referred to the periodontist. Yippee. I think I will like him. At least I am impressed by his office staff. They were very nice on the phone, took all of my information and said to drop off my x-rays that day so the doctor could look at them. The receptionist said he would take a peek to make sure I didn't need to come in any earlier than the 25th. So far no call back, so I guess I will survive with my dental cary until then. When I stopped in with said x-rays, they had a nice envelope with my name and addy all ready to go. Contained the promised health form AND a very nice letter welcoming me (by name) to the practice. Also enclosed was a brochure detailing the doctors specialties, how financing and insurance were handled, emergency numbers including a cell phone number for the doctor. I like him already! Now, if I could just get rid of this headache!!! (no, not tooth related)

I wonder if I should do a little Benadryl to help Mr. Sandman tonight? Couldn't hurt, I suppose. I love mixing anti-histamines with anti-histamines. My sinuses should be dry as a bone by midnight. Hmmm.. might explain the nosebleed yesterday. Nope, that was strictly due to the humidity.. or lack thereof... 32% or something wild like that yesterday. 37% right now... guess that explains it. We are in the 80's all week with the low humidity... it's nice... this is the only way I like 80 degrees. Unless, of course, you are talking 80 degrees, sunny with a breeze stirred from the movement of the cruise ship under my feet. I'll take that 80 deg at any humidity! I miss the ship. ships. I don't know that I miss the lifestyle of a crew member so much, but I miss miss miss being on the ship. Chuck and I are soooo different that way. His idea of paradise is a place in the middle of nowhere, with no one around except a few naked-hot-springs-dipping eccentrics, in the middle of a New Mexico desert. My idea of paradise is a ship populated with 200-3000 other fully clothed people in the middle of an ocean somewhere. Nice dichotomy. I intend to drag him on another cruise later this fall. As of yet, he has not reciprocated and dragged me to the middle of a desert.

The Soprano's ended. I can now return the digital cable box to the overpriced company and get myself a TiVo so I don't have to miss my favorite NETWORK tv shows.... well, and the food channel... and CLTV... and WGN 9 pm news... and CNN and and and... ;-)

Good heavens... it just dawned on me... I have been so overwhelmed with doing nothing, that I haven't even been to read my 2 mostest very favorite blogs in AGES!! Flau, I need a good martini recipe made with pomegranate liqueur. I can't remember if you posted one already or not. I have a giant bottle of pommy juice here and nothing to do this weekend but housework. Haven't done the Dooce in even more ages. What has happened to me?? (In my best Olympia Dukakis ala 'Moonstruck' Italian accent) SNAP OUTTA ET!! I need to read more, eat less. (burp) I really wanted Kraft Mac & Cheese for dinner. Good thing there wasn't any in the house.... 8 million points and I don't think it's core. But I sooooo love it. Weird. Chicken Chow mien instead. (yes, Kay, with white rice. but I was good all day today... only one Hershey's Kiss at breakfast.) Maybe I'll have a 1 point fudge bar tonight. Maybe not.

Enough blather. One of these days I'll tell you how I tried to turn into Elphaba at Jayne's wedding.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Joining the family tradition...

Well, I did it. I joined in the family tradition (Mom's side, not Dad's) of nasal irrigation today. [hoark, gag] Yup, stuck that thing filled with lukewarm saltwater right up my nose and squeezed. [cantbreathecantbreathecantbreathe] Wow... was THAT a weird sensation. [AACCHH!!! SALT WATER IN THE BACK OF MY THROAT I'M GUNNA PUKE!!!!] Like my head was filling up. [ok, I can breathe, I am not going to puke, but I'm getting the willies] And then... IT RAN OUT THE OTHER SIDE!! Just like it did on television! And in all those pictures on the internet (home of all true knowledge and fact). And (insert giant bugs-crawling-on-skin shiver here), well, it wasn't so bad. Sort of. So I did the other side. [mouth open, just breathe in and out] It was okay, I guess. Not sure what I expected. Miraculous clear-headedness? See-thru nasal passages? And where exactly does all that water go? Just around the turbinates or does some of it creep into the frontal sinuses and wash them out too? Questions, questions. If I could be assurred that I was washing out all 4 sinuses with this I would feel a lot 'cleaner' I think. Hmmm... questions for the doc when I see her again.

Thanks, Kay... I think... She and I watched a few minutes of Dr. Oz on Oprah last weekend and some audience member was doing a live demo of the Neti Pot. (Gul-durn-it Mabel, right there in front of everybody.) We had a brief discussion and she was sure that one relative we have was an active participant and that Grandpa did it. (Gramps had well known sinus problems. Forgot to ask Mom if she was Neti Potting.) Didn't give it much thought other than, "That looks gross", but after waking up the last 2 nights with my nose plugged, and not being able to breathe and squirting Afrin up the nostrils at 4 am, I went to the store and procured a nasal lavage device.

It's not as cute as a neti pot, but it seems to do the trick. Will be interesting to see how I do tonight. Although I am thinking I will hedge my bets and do some sudafed at bedtime to ensure a breathe easy sleep.

Side effects seem to be limited to a feeling of fullness in my ears for some time after the lavage.

On the up side, it's been 5 hours now and my nose is remarkably clear. Will see how it goes.

Ta-ta for now.... I must go and sniff some new smells with my clean nose!