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Monday, January 26, 2009

All Obama, All the time....

There is no place better than C-Span for uninterrupted coverage of a live political event... WITHOUT SUPERFLUOUS COMMENTATORS!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a joy.... I watched all 8 hours.....

Sunday, January 18, 2009

All Obama, all the time

As I sit here on my couch, watching the non-stop inauguration coverage, I am awed (maybe for the first time) about how the transition of power occurs in this country. For 232 years, we have been able to hand it over to the next person in line, no muss, no fuss, no coups, no takeovers, just 'here ya go, have at it'.

Bush seems ready to leave. I'm sure it's been a long 8 years.

Obama is eager to start. And I am more impressed with him every day. I like his ability to listen... to everyone, not just those in the 'inner circle'. I like the dinner he attended at George Will's house last week. I like that he can listen to views different than his and come back with the reasons why he needs to do something another way. One of the talking heads described Obama as an 'empirical man', someone driven by data, not 'gut feelings'. I think we have had enough guts for now. I like his family life. I admire his relationship with Michelle. I love watching them together, the way they talk without words, the way they unconsciously broadcast their love for each other in everything they say and do. I wish everyone could have a relationship like that. I wish everyone could raise kids as seemingly well adjusted as they did. We would CERTAINLY be better off.

I like how energized America is right now. Everyone's emotions are running at fever pitch and I almost wish I could be in DC on Tuesday... except that I am old and the cold weather would make me want to pee every 5 minutes and there are already reports of there not being enough porta-potties (did you notice that ALL the porta-potties are blue?) and even if there are enough, you won't be able to get to them because there is going to be an influx of 80 gazillion people into DC for the party and you won't be able to move. Of course, of there are 80 gazillion people, you will be so tightly packed in that you will stay warm. And since I don't have a VIP ticket to anything, the views would be horrible and I would end up watching the whole thing on a jumbo-tron, so why not stay at home and watch on TV. Which I can't do because I will be at work... but maybe I will sneak a TV in go watch. I have already set the TIVO to record CSPAN and PBS all day so I will have plenty to watch when I get home. I may have to skip exercising and going out for the ritual Tuesday night pizza so I can get it all in. (Sorry Chuck) I am totally caught up in the wall-to-wall Inauguration coverage on TV. All I do is channel flip all day long... all Obama, all the time.... maybe I can call in sick the nest two days.... hee hee hee.

And although I consider myself totally uninvolved in politics, I feel excited this time. I have totally swallowed the Obama Kool-aid. He is MY AGE!!! For the first time in my life, the White House will be inhabited by someone to whom I can relate. Maybe that is the difference. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Michelle wears FLAT AND SHOES WITH LITTLE KITTEN HEELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY, a First Lady that wears sensible, yet fashionable, shoes. I am so lucky to have such a role model.

By the way.... how, exactly, does the "football" make the transition? At 10 or so in the morning, Bush and Obama will be together at the White House, then BO will leave for the parade and swearing in and Bush will get on a helicopter. WHERE WILL THE FOOTBALL BE? I mean, it will take some time for BO to get from the White House to the swearing-in ceremony... WHERE WILL THE FOOTBALL BE?? Do they have 2 footballs? Just in case? Inquiring minds and all that....

I am full of hope and optimism. I believe a better day is in store for us. It won't occur overnight, but Obama will build it and we will come.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sometimes, things just turn out right...

5 Somali pirates drown with ransom money


I am such a slug... I so admire people that blog on a regular basis... my mother wonders why I don't write for a living... this is why... it requires dedication. I am dedicated to sloth. I love plunking my butt down on the couch and not moving for hours (during which time I could be writing but would rather be reading). Or plunking my butt down in the sewing room and not moving for hours. Or plunking my butt down in front of the computer and not moving for hours. I like admiring other peoples work, not producing my own.


So it's off my butt I go now... because no one who's work I admire is going to come over here and do my laundry....

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Long time, no ramble...

Okay... I got the munching on pineapple thing going for me.... bought one yesterday at the Marion Market down here in Florida... man, is that pineapple good... it makes you wonder why you eat the canned stuff...

Little sister says if she wins the lottery she will take me back to St. Johns for 2 weeks... I like that..

Long time, no type. Hmm... this seemed like such a good idea at the time... May of 2005.. three and a half years ago. I really admire people who do this regularly. Takes long term dedication (which I lack). I do better with short time lines and deadlines.. I love deadlines... you should have seen me crank out a quilt with the deadline of Christmas. That I didn't start until the first weekend in December. It turned out pretty okay.. well, except for the little mishap with the backing. I should post pictures. Except that I can't from here in sunny Florida cuz they are all at home in cold snowy Illinois. ooohh... wait, my sister has one.. let me see here...
This is bestest boyfriend with his quilt. He seems to like it. A lot. I am happy. I work well with deadlines. hee hee hee.. Although we didn't see much of each other during December because I was always sewing sewing sewing. Oh, well. This month will be better.

We spent a lovely quiet New Years together gathering up all my albums and old 45's. He is going to copy them to CD for me...SWEET!!! What a great Christmas gift... We have had fun listening to some of the junk my sister and I collected back in the 70's and 80's. Anyone remember Ronco records? Got one of them. How about K-Tell? Got a couple of them! How about Shawn Cassidy? Yep, got 2 of the same kind by him. It's an interesting collection.

Bestest boyfriend offered to copy 45 albums.

I showed up with 200.


he's doing them anyway.

While I am in Florida.

Have I ever mentioned what a great guy he is? Well, he IS!

Wow... it's almost 9 am and the rest of the house is still sleeping. I want breakfast. We decided to go to Cracker Barrel for breakfast this morning. I can hear hashbrown casserole calling my name. LOUDLY. It may be time to start rattling around to wake them up. hmmm... we were all up late reading....

anyone know where I can get computer keyboard key stickers? Mom types so much she has worn the letters off the keys, and she has a split (wave) keyboard which I can't type well on, and I am mistyping almost every word ... I have to look. Except everything is blank. Maybe I will just let the typos flow. Wheich woiuld make for some ingeresting reading. I think. Or not. Okay, I do fine with smallworkds. Or not. Maybe I will just continue to backspace.,

Food. I need food. That's why I can't type. I haven't eaten in almost 12 hours. My brain is starving. Although, given what I ahve stuffed into my mouth since I got here, I shouldn't eat for another month. It has been nothing short of a food fest... the trip to the market yesterday netted a pineapple (almost gone), strawberries (half gone), cherry tomatoes, regular tomatoes, oranges, grapefruit. We are fruiting ourselves to death. But it sure tastes great! Not so bad a diet, say you? Well, then there is the (never-ending supply of) chocolate, Jelly Bellies, cinnamon twisty snacky thingies, more chocolate, coconut shrimp, ice cream, angel food cake (with strawberries and whipped cream and ice cream) and subs from the Firehouse Sub Shop, and and and... you get the idea. I may want to purchase another ticket for the airplane ride home just so I fit in the seat... sheesh... Hopefully, my Wii Fit will get my butt in gear when I get home.

Or not....