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Monday, October 22, 2007

California dreamin'

Lester Holt is a lucky man. Yesterday on the evening news he ran a monologue by his son, detailing the younger Holt's evacuation from Pepperdine University, Malibu, CA, due to the wildfires. Tonight Dad is reporting from Malibu.

I wish all parents had that luxury.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Lap 87

I am sick. I have a virus. It started a little last The first Christmas decoration purchased for the 2007 season night when I went to the hardware store for casters for my shelves and I wound up with this tree thingie. It got worse today. I went to the store for shower gel. It cost $104!!!!!!!! Of course, I got to carry the shower gel home in my new suitcase, along with 50 feet of co-axial cable, 2 cans of Chicken Chow Mein, a lint roller, toilet cleaner (2 bottles because I am too lazy to transport one bottle between bathrooms..... 10 feet apart). I think I also found a pair of wire cutters, a stud finder (Chuck, where are you???), shampoo, a little tiny can of shave cream (for the cruise, ya know..... ya didn't know? Oh. Well. Um.... We are going on a cruise, him and me. To the Carribean,,,,, Caribbean??? Carob-Bean??? On the 28th of October.... but more on that later.) I am pretty sure there was a bunch'o other stuph in the bag... but I lost track. I circled the store maybe 10 or 122 times... it's hard to recall.... all I remember is thinking, "As long as I am here, I should get...." and another lap would begin. I saw many of the same people over and over... sometimes it appeared that they were following me (or vice versa), or we would be going in opposite directions and meet twice. I started to think of them as family... until I realized I couldn't understand a word of the polish they were mumbling.... or spanish or indian or whatever..... And to top it all off... the metal detectors went off when I left and I was accosted by the guy in the blue shirt.... he doubles as the greeter...

I am calling it the Wal-Mart virus.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

I like them, but...

okay... I'm not really a Cubs fan.... I am in the doom and gloom closet with the people who are currently sitting at Wrigley Field.

Chuck and I went to Wrigley Field today. We were in the neighborhood to see 'In the Shadow of the Moon' at the Music Box Theater and after lunch (and a 10 minute downpour) we decided to wander down to the stadium to soak in the ambiance. It was still early and not many people were there, but it was interesting. And it's kind of fun to sit here at home and see the rooftop bleachers that we had perused earlier. Betcha the lines for the bathrooms are shorter on the rooftops. I would really like to go to a game next summer, just for the experience.

But back to the totally depressing situation at Clark and Addison.... It may be time to go to dinner. Chuck has mentioned it a couple of times... Wonder if we can linger at Wendy's long enough for the game to finish?