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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Star Trek and Turkey

What happened to this year?

I looked at the calendar yesterday and suddenly it was November. The passage of time seems to have moved into warp drive without taking me along for the ride. And I never seem to do anything with my days off except clean and run errands. What happened to the girl who postponed work-like stuff (indefinitely) to have fun? She must be hibernating… take today’s list of things to do… get the humidifier from storage and fire it up. I keep electrocuting the cat. Put the bike in storage. It’s currently taking up space in the living room and is in the way and I’m not going to ride it anymore this year. (Hmmm.. while I am at the storage unit, I was supposed to get something that was there.. wish I could remember what it was.) Pack the summer clothes up and put the winter duds in the drawer. Fashion a gate to go over the door to the closet so air can circulate but cat cannot leave hair all over my clothes. Vacuum. Do dishes. Wash kitchen floor. Take recycling out to trash bin. Collapse. I want a maid for Christmas.

Another sign of the apocalypse appeared today… it’s 2 weeks to Thanksgiving and today in the store, you could hardly find any Thanksgiving decorations, paper plates, etc. They had been relegated to a tiny section of shelves in the back of the store. They were overrun by the Christmas decorations. Aisles and aisles and AISLES of Christmas decorations. It’s too soon!! It always seems too soon. I remember how disgusted I was when I saw the first Christmas stuph appear on the shelves back in September. That was just a tad bit of overkill. Now the one radio station is playing Christmas carols and you can hear HO-HO-HO in almost every store you enter. I’m still trying to figure out if I’m serving a whole turkey or just the drumsticks…..