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Monday, February 27, 2006

GIGS strikes Villa Park!!!!!!

I have been overtaken by GIGS. It wasn't my fault. It was Jens fault. She is the one who started it all. She left 100, that is ONE HUNDRED, boxes of Girl Scout cookies in my office. I held out until, oh, maybe 10 am. Then she handed me a box of Peanut Butter Sandwiches.

It was all over. I fell mouth-first into GIGS.... GirlScout Induced Gluttony Syndrome. That once yearly compulsion that forces you to eat the entire box in one day.... sometimes in one sitting. (Personally, I'm saving that for the Thin Mints)

The GIGS call to me This was all that was left of the PBSs at 9 pm. They don't exist anymore. Except on my thighs.

I love them. I like to pull them apart and eat the cookie and then the peanut butter and then the other cookie. Munching Girl Scout Cookies is just this side of heaven.

Hey, Flau..... I think I am in need of a drinkie-poo to go with Thin Mints.... something without gin. Feel up to inventing?? ;-)

GIGS One box down.... 5 to go.

Sunday, February 26, 2006


Good Morning Everyone and Welcome to REMOTE CONTROL SHOPPING!!!! Also known as LET YOUR FRIENDS AND RELATIVES MAKE YOU LOOK LIKE A LUNATIC!!! Just click on the photo link and send a note with your favorite frames.... It's time for BIFOCALS!! because I can't read what I'm typing.... or the menu or the newspaper or the tiny print on batteries for the hearing aid..... (just kidding).... BB and I had an absolute riot with the glasses thing.... take a look!!!

I've been framed!!

I have several favorite frames...... what are yours???

Crappy Crowning

My crown arrived last Monday.

Friday my crown developed temperature sensitivity whilst on the bridge on Mannheim at Lake during a mouthful of coffee.

It was not pleasant.

But not as bad as the mouthful of cold diet pepsi. That almost caused a Lemon Ice incident.

I will call the dentist on Monday to complain about the root canal that I asked about but was assurred that I didn't need.


I have been reduced to lukewarm food and drink. yum.

No, Virginia....

I did not actually GO to Virginia (or Embarrass, or Babbitt, or Ely, or Silver Bay) to see if my leg would turn into Lemon Ice. I've lived in the south (relatively speaking) for FAR too long to survive in those temps.

On the other hand, my lovely cousin wrote to tell me that it didn't actually stay at -15. She said, "It wasn't that cold but I did put on gloves for the first time this winter even if I didn't wear a jacket!! Heading north on vacation with nancy and don tomarrow, fishing at lake of the woods, wish us luck. Just me : )" Heading NORTH??? on vacation????? Parts of my family may be nuts. But that is only a guess on my part.

Other parts of the northern most family are laid up this week.... my uncle is moving to the VA home in Silver Bay (he has become a tad forgetful), one of his sons is flat on his back with a bad disk. Not a good week to be in this family.... I think my branch of family has all the parts attached and working this week.

Although not too talkative lately, I am well. Just worked the rent-a-nurse job at lovable Lennys hospital. Am getting ready to curl up in the arms of the man I love. Tomorrow I shop for bifocals. What's not to love about my life?

Lators gators!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Lemon Ice

Ever notice how you get that urge to pee when you go outside and it's cold? And the colder it is, the stronger the urge? Even if you just went?

Embarrass, MN - Weather Forecast for Friday, February 17, 2006

Today will be partly sunny with calm winds. The high will be -15, the low -25.

Ever wonder how long it will take the pee to freeze to your leg when you let loose with one of those middle-age female unannounced sneezes?

I send greetings from the frozen midwest.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Conversation Hearts

I love this time of year..... it's the only time to indulge in unrestrained, mindless munching of Conversation Hearts. Ahhhh..... all those new phrases to read... All that sugar to ingest...... ;-)

So, there I was, merrily munching away in the car on Saturday at 60 mph... munch munch munch ----CRACK---- blech!! cough!! GAG!!! spit spit spit (where in the hell is the kleenex?)..... THAT didn't feel right.... Gingerly run tongue around teeth.... oops.... that would be a filling... no tooth, just filling.... RATS!

A quick look by BB confirmed the diagnosis of broken tooth... No pain, just filling hanging out, being cool. Monday found me at the dentist's office getting crowned. Temp for now, permanent on Monday next. At least insurance pays if the tooth breaks.

So, am I still chomping on Conversation Hearts? Of course, silly!!! I just chew on the other side. ;-)

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Yes, I am still alive

Ever notice how life gets in the way of having fun? I went back to work to an avalanche of paperwork... which I am now dragging home in the evening just to catch up... which isn't going to happen this week, which means I will probably take some home over the weekend, which sucks, but I feel sooooooooooo behind, but will take some time off to go BIFOCAL shopping, because I see the ophthalmologist tomorrow for the whole shebang-dilate-your-eyes-so-you-look-like-a-junkie thing. Am going to print out some HUGE sudoku puzzles to work on while I dilate. hee hee hee

The painting went well.. so did the floor cleaning... it's actually shiny now. Will take me forever to move back into the room... I still have clothes scattered all over the place... but the hard part is done.... I have pics... just click
here. The painting went well... I am happy with the results.. just need to figure out what to do for curtains....

Ah, well, that's not today's problem.

BB is feeling fine.. he beat me at Scrabble tonight. Think I will call it quits for the day....

Later gators....

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Rules for painting 2...

Ceiling Painting

1. Don't paint directly over your head.

2. If you don't follow #1, don't look up.

3. If you don't follow #2, keep your mouth closed.

4. The directions on the paint can say "don't spin the roller" for a reason.

5. Open the window when you start, not when your oxygen level drops to INCREDIBLY STUPID.

6. Remember to stop and eat lunch.

The painting is going well.... these were actually Tuesdays rules. Monday was set-up. Tuesday was primer (all over everything ... the room was painted 3 different colors.... blue-gray was the color it came with (and a weird blue-gray at that... sucked all the light out of the room....), purple oil based exterior paint (don't ask)all over one wall (my addition... I liked the color... think intense deep lilac).. that color stayed for a year or so.... and just a few months ago I added a quart of Sagey (their name, not mine). I liked the Sagey the best so on Wednesday I did the entire room. What a hoot that was.... At some point in time someone decided that plaster-based texturing was just what that room needed. BBs response was to take a scraper to it and remove the whole thing and go with smooth walls.... however.... I kind of like the texture, gives the room character and all that. Well.... I have since changed my tune..... Do you have ANY idea how hard it is to paint that crap???? I spent a good chunk of today filling in the holes that the roller didn't get yesterday...and I missed a good many. I may just take the roller to it again tomorrow... will see how the time goes.... And the roller???? A half inch nap roller fully loaded with paint... let's see... how about FOUR POUNDS OF DRIPPING SLOBBER to lug around the room and try REAL hard not to roll onto the ceiling.... OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! My arms are sooooo sore. In addition to the fill work, I did the trim in a dark green and the door (both sides) in a very light green... all complementary to the sage. Tomorrow I will finish the trim and paint the brand new/not plastered to the wall light switch and outlet covers (sage to match the wall) and replace all the outlets and light switch (am not sure how many layers of paint are on the actual outlets themselves... I can't even see the holes). Then, if I'm really industrious, I will wander off to Wal-Mart and get the little hardwood floor cleaning kit and do the cleaning thing. I figure since the furniture is all corralled in the center and the room is basically empty, why not now? It needs a little TLC. And... since I put heavy duty felt feet on ALL the furniture bottoms, I won't scratch my freshly finished and shined floor! Whoo-Weeee... Just call me Martha... or maybe June Cleaver..... I will have to find an apron tomorrow... and put the wax down while wearing high heels.....

Now all I need to do is figure out what to do about curtains... maybe Warm Windows again...

And for my next trick, I will paint the hall and stain my oak table.