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Friday, April 28, 2006

United 93 - the movie

To go or not to go.
To go or not to go.
To go or not to go.

First inclination was 100% no.

I've been listening to chatter about it today.

I'm running about 50/50 now.

All who have seen it say it is powerful.
All who have seen it have wept.

I have been plinking around tonight, looking at articles about the flight and the souls on the plane.

I can't even make it thru the articles without crying.

Do I really need to go to a movie that will have me in tears from the opening scenes thru the ending?


Have cried enough tonight to make myself tired.

Will continue the wrestling match tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Catch up....

Time is a-wasting.... or a-waisting.... depending on the amount of chocolate consumed. Am still on Weight Watchers and am still losing, but I can't figure out why. Have been on the Easter candy diet the last 2 weeks and the ice-cream-every-day diet before that. Even managed to slide in some chips and salsa at Chili's last week. oops. I may manage to show a gain this week.... I ate about a quarter of a carton of Heath Bar ice cream the other night. oops.....

Finally washed the 'dry-clean-only' curtain fabric. It's 100% cotton.... why can't I wash it?? Have to go iron it now.

While on the hunt for the perfect curtains, I found (in the clearance bin) a pair of BLACK fake fur curtains. I thought I'd seen everything..... It was creepy just picking up the package.... who would hang BLACK fake fur curtains?? Charles Manson and Ozzie Osborn come to mind.... ;-)

It's Wednesday. It's one in the afternoon. I am not at work. YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I decided a few weeks ago that I would like a random day off during the week. It means pushing up to 10 hour days the rest of the week, but it means A WHOLE DAY OFF somewhere during the week. This is cool. And honestly, 2 more hours on the work day isn't that big a stretch. Some days I was already doing that. Now it will be formal (for a while). I just wanted to try it. So far, so good.

Mumps continues to crawl thru Illinois. Fortunately, BB didn't have mumps... just a couple of 24 hour viruses in the same week... poor guy. I had him and all the people he works with convinced he was Typhoid Mary....

Went to see 'Thank You for Smoking' last weekend. We HIGHLY recommend it!! The movie was hilarious!!! I now understand that the sole function of a lobbyist is to turn words around until you are unable to attach a meaning to them. The dialogue is fantastic!! (and reminds me an awful lot of BBs ability to turn a phrase!!) When the DVD comes out, it will be finding a home at BBs place.

Mark the calendar in RED. I wore a skirt and PANTYHOSE to work the other day. (after shaving some really long hairs off the gams). It's funny how everyone comments on my skirt-wearing.... although, we usually do comment on things that only happen once or twice a year.... ;-)

Mom and Pop are returning from the southwest this weekend.... YIPPEE!!! Maybe I can drag all my material down there and convince Mommy to make curtains!! (no, really, I will do them..... soon.....)

Speaking of which... time to iron!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Epidemic in the house

It appears that the mumps may be lurking close to home. BB has been sick on and off since Sunday and today has swelling behind his ear and swallowing feels "funny".

Happy happy joy joy. Quarantine has been imposed. Oops..... Glad my titer is up to par.

It should be a lovely weekend... although, we will wait to see what the doctor has to say tomorrow..... maybe it's just a parotid stone.....

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

georgie porgie strikes again

{accompanied by much beating of chest} "I'M THE DECIDER"

{stomping around sandbox with fists on hips} "AND I DECIDE WHAT IS BEST"

And if you don't like my rules, you can go play somewhere else. It's my sandbox and I make the rules and I decide who plays what part and if you don't like it, well, :-pppppp on you.

So sayeth george junior, so sayeth the moron.

Can you impeach the Secretary of Defense?

Thursday, April 13, 2006

First, politics......

I don't often use the word 'hate' when referring to people. I feel the words power when I utter it in conjunction with a person and have long realized that I do not wish to answer to the consequences of that power. It's okay to hate things... hate situations.... hate brussel sprouts. And I'll willingly admit that I detest some people and despise others, but it is a serious matter to actively hate a person. But I am coming awfully close to using that work when discussing the actions of George Bush the younger (stupider).

I have been mulling this subject for the last few weeks, but I believe I found my breaking point today when I heard that several retired generals were calling for Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld to resign his post citing violation of "fundamental military principles, such as unity of command and unity of effort. ...... the violation of another military principle of ensuring enough forces". (retired Army Maj. Gen. John Batiste) It wasn't the consensus of the generals that riled me so much... it was the reply by baby bush (via the talking head Scott McClellen)...... " Secretary Rumsfeld is doing a very fine job".


This whole thing is BULLSHIT.

I backed the invasion of Afghanistan 100 %. But, I believe we should have stayed focused on the target, Bin Laden, and not shorted our troops and gone running off to play in the neighbors sandbox.

I'll concede that it's easy to criticize things 'after' you are retired. It's hard to complain to your boss about your bosses bad decisions. And, yes, it would have been much better if the ones complaining now about ineptitude had also raised a kerfuffle back when, instead of just retiring so they didn't have to be (or be any more) involved in the police action in Iraq.

I am thoroughly convinced that invading Iraq is nothing more than child playground bullying in action... 'you tried to hurt my daddy, so i'm gunna kick your butt'. This unwarranted (bad intelligence my ass), unwanted (by EVERYONE, AND I MEAN EVERYONE, I know), probably illegal (you can't shoot the neighbor just because you don't like the way he runs his household) and DEFINITELY IMMORAL (who died and made georgie God?) romp through someone else's country must end. We haven't learned a thing since Vietnam. We are involved in something from which there is no graceful or peaceful extrication. We may be able to recreate the photo of the Saigon helicopter evac in the near future when civil war overtakes Iraq. This has been a mistake from the get-go. It makes me think that this violation of Iraq was planned well before 9/11 occurred and that el presidente invented excuses so he could play war and poke back at someone who poked at daddy.

george bush needs to go and he needs to take all of daddy bushies cronies with him. There is nothing worse that a bunch of old geezers huddling behind the puppet playing war games with everyone else's life.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Where does time go?

Time gets away from me more easily every day.... I wonder if I should keep a daily activity log to see just where I fritter it. All of the sudden it's been 2 weeks since I checked in.... sheesh.... Just got a note from Mom... she and Dad are coming home from the great desert. Leaving on Tuesday if the wind isn't blowing fifty-hundred miles an hour. I haven't been out to the summer house since before Thanksgiving, I think. The neighbor looks after things in the winter.. and does a fine job without my input!!

Curtain fabric has been located.... look see.......Curtains, I say!
I know you don't really see much here.... wait....Curtains I say again!
It is truly the most wonderful fabric! Now I just need to get something done with it... hahaha

On the survival front..... It Lives!!!
ItLives Moms poor beleagured Christmas Catus is still with us. Although I don't quite know how. I shall return it to her as soon as she gets here. I hope it survives the trip.....

(sigh) time to get back to getting things done.... but, one last picture.....
Sprung Spring.It's my favorite pic so far this year....

Congratulations, Gators!!!