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Sunday, September 24, 2006

BB is playing with his balls....

and other fun things... like paint brushes... and rollers and stepstools.... we did a bang-up job this weekend.... painting that is.... got the upstairs hall and kitchen done-ceilings and walls and trim!!! YIPPEE!!!!!!!!! That is the most of it.... forgot a little cubbie hole in the kitchen... BB says he is suicidal because we forgot that little spot.... awful weak reason to kill ones self if you ask me.... I caved and got bright white for the kitchen..... YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! $26 a gallon for that stuff.... kitchen paint.... kitties are locked in the basement ..... for their own good..... can't have them getting paint all over their fur and fur all over the fresh paint.... too hard to paint over!!

Next up are the closet doors... hope to get them at least primed during the week and painted and up next weekend.... speaking of which.... Kay... I will be up the following weekend, prolly without BB.... he will just be getting back from a trip to Tucson. I think....... At any rate... I need to spend next weekend shoving more stuff in storage and making the house presentable for the realtor. Will be making the commute home nearly every night this week. More yuck. At least only the drive home is crappy.... in the morning it doesn't matter if I leave from home or BBs place.. takes me the same amount of time.... 17 miles vs 38 miles = 50 minutes. Traffic is weird.

So... I am down to a little trim work, the closet doors, the cubbie hole, putting the kitchen light fixtures back in place.... and more packing.... not bad. Hope to have the house on the market by early October....

Life is good.

I am pooped.


Oh, the balls.... it's a computer game on BBs new Q. Q? A blackberry (crackberry) knock-off by his employer... the big Motorola. Moto. Moto-sucko. He has a game with colored balls on the Q..... He plays with the balls while driving.... don't you go blind if you do that?

Thursday, September 21, 2006


I am exhausted. Averaging 6 hours a night sleep isn't good. But I can't keep this up. Maybe I should go to bed now.... ;-)

I got gas for $2.55 a gallon this week. I consider that a coup!! I am liking Lake County gas prices.

Took another night off from house painting... am glad. Didn't get out of work until 5 last night and tonight. Took forever to get home from work last night. Did some painting last night.... need to finish up the trim tomorrow night. Prime a couple of left over spots in the kitchen. Then paint the kitchen and halls Saturday and Sunday. Sheesh.... somedays it feels like it will never be finished.

Found a little house for rent in Arlington Heights today... near BBs apt... but on a MAJOR street. Not good... would never be able to get out of the drive. Besides, the house isn't even on the market. Guess it's a little early to look for a new place to live.

Time for bed.... maybe food would be good. I forgot to eat dinner.

Monday, September 18, 2006


Another week turned to dust. Literally. Dry wall compound dust. In my hair. Grinding my teeth down. Peeling skin off my hands. Grit. The house is covered in it. But it's over... I am at BBs house and the air filters are (hopefully) doing their thing. I go home tomorrow to scrape and tape the stairs, maybe paint the trim in the kitchen and lower bath. Wednesday I hope to paint the upper bath trim. Thursday is like tonight... a night off. I have been working so much on the house I haven't read anything for over a week except e-mail at breakfast. I even turned down a sure-win offer to play Scrabble tonight. All I wanted was peace and quiet.

And I got it. BB is at his computer typing away. I am at mine typing away. The windows are open and the traffic noise wanders in on the delightful 65 degree breeze. No music. No TV. Lots of newspaper. Lots of magazines. Lots of blogs. Early bedtime.

Tomorrow is back to the grind with TPT (trailer park trash, a person whom I see at work every darn day....) Am waiting fairly impatiently for the day I can be independent.

Lator Gators.... LET FREEDOM RING.... or at least show up on my doorstep!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Another week gone...

Where, exactly, does the time go? Last time I looked, it was last Sunday. Getting the house ready for market looked like an impossible task, getting to work at a reasonable time (neither too early as is my habit, or too late, like my co-worker) was a goal. Dithering was what I was doing best.

Maybe Labor Day had something to do with it.... I am missing a day.... sort of... I know I did something Monday... maybe took more stuff to storage.... Mom & Dad came for the weekend and helped me move A LOT of stuff to storage.... We took it easy and slow and got all the bookcases and 2 pantrys and a whole bunch of boxes and STUPH into the nice, climate controlled space I rented (for about a million dollars a month). But, it is big enough to take the power tools if needed. I have no idea as to where I will move. Maybe Motel 6. They have weekly rates, right?

The week at work was interesting.... I am spreading my wings... Tuesday was a full court press of my preceptor and I getting things ready for our first orientation class Wednesday and Thursday. I taught the first 4 hours Wed. - I thought they went so-so, but I got good reviews. And compared to the 12 hours my co-hort taught (or didn't as the case may be), I was BRILLIANT!! But, I learned a lot.... I took notes and confered with a couple of the students on what things would make the class better and am busy making a lesson plan for when I go solo.... Friday, my preceptor was not there (other plans) and I spent the morning imitating the dreaded IT person over at the hospital..... Hello, my name is Chris, I'm from IT and I am here to disrupt your computer use for about 10 minutes... heh heh heh. It was a TOTAL GAS!!!!!! being on the other side of the coin. I want to do it again! After lunch I wandered back to the office and got into a conversation with a couple of the nursing educators about the new computer program that starts Tuesday.... they were identifying problems and we were brainstorming fixes... I came up with a couple of bull's eyes and one of the gals asked if I would be interested in being on the design team for the program. TOTALLY!!!!!! I am sooooo stoked!! I can't wait to tell my boss!!! Life is sweet!!! I also broached (sp?) the topic of regular meetings between the in-house RN educators and my co-hort and me to discuss problems with the orientation as it relates to our classes. Both women thought that was a good idea. I am quite pleased with my progress...

On the downside.... I am chronically pooped. I went home almost every night last week and almost fell asleep on the way home. not good.... so, at BBs request, I took Friday night off and did nothing except sit in front of the TV. He was out with the boyz and stayed home. I finally got 8 whole hours of sleep. Amazing how good that makes you feel! Hope I can replicate the feat DURING THE WEEK this week... (which doesn't look good at this point as it is already 10pm-oops)

This weekend BB and I got the house ready for painting.... got lotsa little stuff like spackling and sanding done... will prolly head over there Tuesday night to slap some paint around. Sounds like fun... will call the realtor later this week and invite her over for a visit this weekend....

BB is turning off lights... guess it's time for bed..... Lator, Gators!!! ;-)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Crikey! I shouldn'ah done that, Matey!

Let me be the first to surmise that Steve Irwin committed unintentional suicide (?intentional - the cameras were running - what a way to go - out in a flame of glory!!) when he pulled the stingray stinger OUT of his chest.

What a dumbell move!!!!!!!!!! Even the lowest level of first aid provider knows that you NEVER REMOVE AN IMPALED OBJECT!!!!! It usually solves the problem it created and will continue to do so until removed.... either by STUPIDITY or a surgeon.

Sheesh...... I am guessing that the coroners inquest will show that the damage to the heart muscle (if, indeed, he did puncture his heart) will be from an EXIT WOUND and not an enterance wound.

I couldn't believe it when I heard that HE PULLED THE STINGER OUT!!!

DUH! WHAT DID YOU THINK WOULD HAPPEN????? Didn't this guy have ANY medical know-how? Seems kinda short-sighted given his line of work.


Monday, September 04, 2006


Crikey! That was a close one! A little too close.... Well, way to close. What a spike of bad luck!

Although I wasn't a huge fan (okay, I couldn't stand him most of the time... a little of Steve went a LOOOOOONG way), I feel bad for his family. The autopsy should be interesting. What a freak accident. (okay, fine, if he hadn't been swimming with the sting rays.....) I think he really lived the idea of 'If your job is doing something that you love, you will never work a day in your life.'

Although way too early, it is a fitting end for a guy with seemingly unlimited energy and enthusiasm.

He will be missed. Um, by some, not necessarily by the author.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Moving butts...

My butt hurts. I said as much to the lady at the store Friday. I walked into the White Hen near my house and she greeted me with, "Hi, how are you?" So I decided to answer truthfully instead of giving the usual drival. It worked! She laughed and laughed! Although, the reason my butt hurt Friday is FAR different from the reason it hurts today.... today it's from BOXES!!!! MOUNDS AND PILES AND MOUNTAINS OF BOXES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A whole week... no blog! Bad Moosey! But I have a good reason.... I am spending my life in the car.... ugh... by the time I get home all I want to do is eat and sleep...

The commute thing has got to go.....This is commute home looks like.... 15 miles per hour for GoingHome 20 miles or so.... yuck. So I am packing and moving my butt to the northwest suburbs.... I can't wait! Mom, Dad and I spent the day moving a BUNCH of my stuff to a storage locker. MOREBoxes We did a fine job! LostInStorageMaze And then when we got home, I found a couple more things we can move tomorrow.... Am thinking more packing will follow this week and moving next weekend and then fixing up the house... it's amazing how long that list gets without even trying ! oooohhhh,.... add clean the tub grout.... it's yucky... Will call the realtor after next weekend and see what she thinks of my progress....

But enough for now.... it's time to go take some ibuprofen.......