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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanks-Deer-Giving

It's nice to know that at this age I can still have virgin experiences. The northern most relatives (hello Lynne!!! - this is for you!!) will be happy to know that at the ripe old age of 46, halfway thru the Michigan open season (firearms) for deer, I got my first one at 11:30 on Wednesday!!! A 6 point buck - just a little guy, but in this case I couldn't be picky....
It was 11:30 at night.

I was doing 70 miles per hour up the interstate.

It was the middle of nowhere.

If he had just kept going in the direction he was headed, he wouldn't be on the dinner table at the nice sheriff deputy's house today.

But I came around the corner and he was in the middle of the road and he made a u-turn back into my grill.
No light

I wonder what my heart rate was by the time I got over to the side of the road?

I was lucky. No poke holes in the radiator. Just a missing headlight and some dents in the bumper and quarter panel. Deer didn't fare so well. Although the deputies weren't able to fine him before they had to leave. They promised to come back and get him. Kay says it's common practice up here to take fresh road kill home.... I can hear the deputy on the cell phone to his brother now.... "Hey, bro... I gotta take another call... but I got a freshie out here on the interstate... can you come gut it and get it home?"

On the upside of things -I didn't pee my pants at the time of impact!! Whoo-Hoo!!

On the down side... No one stopped.... except me.

I gave thanks.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Long time-no blog

Busy busy busy... Packing packing..... I move 22 miles north tomorrow..... cuts the commute down to 17 miles... far better than 38!!

The house is a mess... the cat is clingy. The dust bunnies are threatening to take over the stairs.... and it's time to go to work... Hopefully life will settle down by Sunday!

Lator, Gators.....

Thursday, November 09, 2006

My beautiful girl

My beloved Harley crossed the Rainbow Bridge one week ago tonight, just about this time. She was my lap cat, my head-butter and the one who crawled under the covers with me. She walked on my face to wake me up and chewed on my hair when I sat on the couch. She fought with me every time I clipped her nails... except the last time. That's when I knew she was sick. Five days later she was gone.

She is survived by her sister, Sierra.

I am heartbroken.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Another virgin experience....

Bites the dust.....

I started an IV on my cat, Harley, tonight. The first of several ?, many? The beginning of the end.

She is really sick today... spent yesterday in the hospital.... picked her up tonight.... doctor is not real hopeful that it's something treatable... am still waiting on the last blood test to come in... maybe Friday, maybe results Monday. If she had stayed another day they would have had the brand-spanking-new kitty-cat sized MRI machine up and running and they would have done her as the first (read FREE) patient just to try to figure out what is wrong (and practice). The doc says the radiologist was whining all day about it not being hooked up...

Poor kitty is sneezing to beat the band and has a lot of neurological symptoms (walks like a drunk, eyes twitch like a drunk, etc... no balance) but she is eating a little and still uses the litterbox (which is the comic relief in our lives... watching her get in and out of the box... she nearly knocked it over getting in tonight...) and she still grooms herself. Right now she is curled up in my lap and all I want to do is curl up around her and sleep with her on the basement floor.

I am sooooo sad at the thought of losing my Harley cat. I love her bunches and bunches..... My other kittie, Sierra has already written Harley off.... Sierra hisses and growls whenever she gets near Harley..... I have interpreted this as a bad (BAD) sign. why do pets have to die?

Chuck has been totally supportive thru all this... even turned around yesterday morning from his trip to work and went back to the house to fetch Harley and bring her to the hospital. My treat this Halloween is having him at my side.