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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Happy Birthday to me!

Hmmm... 47 doesn't feel much different than 46. Wonder why that is? I imagine it will be more of the same... another day, another body part that refuses to function normally or without pain... more methane production, less desire to exercise, another liver spot on my hands... and another disturbing discovery... Chuck is winning at Scrabble... I don't know what happened. He's won the last 4 of 5 games.... last game he had a single word score of 230. It was a thing of beauty.

It's the last day of the Tour de Fraud. It's been interesting to watch the dopers get thrown out the last 3 weeks. Hopefully the Americans will keep their veins clean. Mary Van De Velde, the morning traffic person on WGN, has a nephew in the race... Christian Van De Velde, he was in 25th place after yesterday... it's been fun listening to Mary talk about Chris. She is obviously very proud of him.

oooohhhhh Lance is on the teevee...... doing commentary and answering inane questions.... "Lance, what is the leader, the yellow jersey, thinking right now? Chuck actually had the correct answer.... the leader is thinking, "I hope the guy in front of me doesn't hit the cobblestones.... I hope I don't hit the cobblestones". At least it's not raining.

Celebrated my birthday by sleeping late yesterday. Amazing how something so simple was so coveted.

(slight pause)

oophhhh..... Went out for the usual Sunday morning breakfast and took a little side trip to a bike shop over in Niles. I am on the quest for the perfect bike seat.... which after trying 2 different seats in the store (and 3 more at home), I am convinced doesn't exist except on a trike or a recumbant. We did find one last week that looks like a recumbant seat for a regular bicycle post... I may go back and get that one... will need a new post for it, but I am looking for biking without pain....
This is the Schwinn No Pressure comfort saddle.....

This is the one that killed my sciatic nerve after 20 miles or so....I'll let you guess what this killed.....

This is what I got today. Need to try a buncho adjustments to see if I can get it to work....

I think I will sleep on it.....

Wednesday, July 11, 2007



For a tooth. Or rather, the removal thereof.

Oh, yeah, plus the $250 so far at the dentist for getting impressions...

so he can see me again to build the crown. $$$

and again so he can fix the cavity the first dentist missed $$$

and again to start replacing my cracked and somewhat missing fillings $$$

and some more for the orthodontist next door who will build my 'spacer' so my teeth don't fill in the hole the extraction will make $$$

There goes the vacation $$$.... so much for getting some joolery at Bernard Passman's little place... rats.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Learn something new every day

Did you know that it would take 1402.5 stings from a crowd of angry African Killer Bees to kill me?

It seems that 8.5 stings per pound is the lethal dose.

I think I'm safe.

At least for today.